The power of writing in online classrooms
Aug 15
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This is the home base for the new YWP Schools Project platform for teachers. YWP offers this platform to selected teachers around Vermont, the U.S. and World for use in their physicial classrooms as a way to increase engagement and interest in writing and digital media.

Young Writers Project is a small nonprofit in Vermont that has had extensive experience working with teachers and students in this digital arena and has found these platforms -- when used regularly -- increase students' interest and performance in writing. Students will find themselves trying harder, doing more revisions and learning more about each other through civil and supportive feedback.

YWP creates a separate site for each teacher and his/her students. All content is visible only to them, unless a teacher decides to showcase a student's work on the front of the site. We charge $100 per site, up to $500 for all interested teachers in a school. YWP provides full technical support.

The platform is extremely robust and offers some of these features:

  • Revision history where students and teachers can view what changes were made in a post.
  • Teachers can post private annotations on a student's work that only the student can see.
  • Full digital media integration including drag-and-drop upload of multiple photos at once to create a slideshow; direct recording of audio onto a post (Flash Player required); auto refresh commenting.
  • Two types of assignment types for teachers: assignment -- a simple, one-step exercise, for instance a daily quick write for instance; and playlist a more complex, multi-step project.
  • Full technical support.
  • Access to Young Writers Project daily challenges and other support material on
  • Negotiable rates for students on's Digital Learning Center

If this interests you, please contact Geoffrey Gevalt or Doug DeMaio.